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Solid3DTech™ develops unique software solutions for CAD and CAM industry. Our software product can unfold developable or undevelopable surfaces and take on multi surfaces as if they are a single surface, unfolding them into a single 2D contour. These features will enable users precise lofting and NC cutting of flat sheet. Our solutions are all in the form of plug-ins that work inside the major CAD systems: AutoCAD, Inventor, Rhinoceros, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge.

There are many sample videos for Smart Unfold or Advanced Smart Unfold in YouTube. We continue adding new videos to YouTube. You can search YouTube with the keyword "solid3dtech" for the sample videos.


Feedback From Clients:


"Hi John, just wanted to let you know since having the unfold software I have found it very useful as it seems more and more jobs we are doing at the moment have a theme where there are elliptical cut-outs or “pringle” shaped elements on them. Below is the end result of the first use I had with the software which was sent straight to CNC and the boards flew up on site with no issues. "

Matt Titterrell


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Customer Unfold Result



The following sample is from Petr Petrla <>. Our plugin is used to unfold 3D ellipsical surface. Each triangle is a ellipsical surface patch. Our plugin is used to unfold all the trianlge surface patches for CNC cut.



     Mar 24, 2016

The Smart Unfold For AutoCAD 2017 and Smart Sheet Metal Unfold

For AutoCAD 2017 are ready

     Feb 6, 2016.

Video shows how to unfold sheet metal model.