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The following are the comments from our clients.


The above sample is from Petr Petrla <>.  Our plugin is used to unfold 3D ellipsical surface in AutoCAD. Each triangle is a ellipsical surface patch. Our plugin is used to unfold all the trianlge surface patches for CNC cut.>

"Hi John, just wanted to let you know since having the unfold software I have found it very useful as it seems more and more jobs we are doing at the moment have a theme where there are elliptical cut-outs or “pringle” shaped elements on them. Below is the end result of the first use I had with the software which was sent straight to CNC and the boards flew up on site with no issues. "

Matt Titterrell  exmedia Unit K2, Herald Way
 Binley Industrial Estate
 Coventry CV3 2NY


"Thanks John.
 I have done my first unfold.
 This is the column that has one angle to the vertical.
I have attached the workshop detail of one pipe. ..."

Walter Nazloomian


"It will be a good tool in my AutoCAD quiver.
 Thanks again!"

 Sam Cushing
 Product Development

 Appalachian Stitching Company
 C 603-991-3780
 O 603-444-4422
 F 603-444-7766  

"It worked with 2016.  All good now.
 Thanks so much for your help.
 This product is excellent in my work."

Emery Jackson
 CNC programmer
 UFP Saginaw LLC #227
 UFP Hillsboro LLC#374
 Office: 817-232-2233 ext. 1054
 Cell: 817-401-4659

"This program is fantastic by the way… What other AutoCAD plugin programs do you create? I’m looking for one that flattens parts, but individually selected, (not like flatshot, where it does all the geometry)"

customer imageSTEVEN GERMAIN
 ADVENT CAD llc 5017 THE PINES BLVD, WILMINGTON, DE 19808  ß - - - - - - - (NEW ADDRESS)
 OFFICE-302.737.1233 / MOBILE-302.569.1793